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Adam Lambert's 'Thank You' notes for the album "For Your Entertainment"


To my family Leila, Eber and Neil for always celebrating and putting up with my many eccentricities. Thank you for it ALL.
To Drake: You have the most inspiring spirit. Thank you for keeping it grounded and real. Thank you for reminding me to make art from the soul and live life to its fullest. Boo…Lurv you.

To my dear friends who I consider like family: Danielle, Johanna, Alan, Scarlett, Lee, Alisan, Dusty, John, Elijah, Brad, Joshua, Jeremy, Monte, Brendan, Ferras, Colin and Vince. To my gypsies Laura D, Brooke, Terrance, Zach, Stretch, Lori, Ryan P.K Sam Z, Eden, Megan, Kris, Terra and Michael D for going green with me. Thank you for being my sounding board and accepting me. To my early mentors Lynne Broyles and Alex Urban for shaping me as a performer. Abreea and Lori for making me seem handsome!

To the crew at 19: ! to Simon Fuller: Thank you for being the serene and calming voice of artistic taste. You ARE class. To the heart that is Iain Pirie – the A&R caretaker: the love that you have for music is contagious. To the INCREDIBLE Lane Newland: Thank you for your tireless hard work and for keeping me sane and reminding me to enjoy every moment of this journey. To the passion of Roger Widynowski in PR: you create so much excitement and opportunities during this journey. Thank you .

Thank you to Joe, Nancy, Zan and Meredith for helping to launch and support my experience from the beginning . To Robert Dodds, Andy Stinson, Tony Wigens, David Eller, Jeff King, Simon Cantlon and everyone else at 19. To Barry Weiss: Thank you for trusting me enough to take risks! To Ashley Newton: You have a true heart for this business. Thank you for injecting the project with such integrity.

To Tom Corson, Richard Palmese, Rani Hancock, Mark Tavern, Nick Pirovano, Mika El-Baz, Jamie Abzug, Erwin Gorostiza, Fuko Chubachi, Scott Sylvester, Jules Higgs, Andrew Berkowitz and everyone at RCA. Jeff Frasco, Brian Loucks and everyone at CAA. Don Passman, Gene Soloman, Lester Knispel, Todd Bozick, Elizabeth Campos.
To my fellow Idols who took the craziest journey with me: Kris, Alison, Anoop, Megan, Lil, Matt, Danny, Michael, Scott, Jackie T, Jaz, Kai, Emily and Dominique! You are all stars!

Paula Abdul: You have the most generous and giving spirit. Thank you for always making me feel welcome and comfortable on stage while on Idol. I adore you. Thank you for believing in me from the start. Simon Cowell: I feel honored to have received your praise! Thank you for supporting my craft with your impeccable taste. Randy Jackson: Good lookin’ out, dawg. You have the true definition of a music lover. Thank you for being such a positive influence. Kara DioGuardi: Not only did you challenge me to be my best on the show, but you also became one of my favorite collaborators in the studio. You genuine take on life and talents are not to be underestimated!!!!

To Dorian, Michael O, Ricky Minor, the incredible band, Ken, Bruce, Debbie, Patrick, Mavis, Meshkahn, Gina and Miles. Art, Lindsay and everyone who worked at the studio for making my Idol experience a dream come true. To Dr. Shawn Nasseri for being my savior and cheerleader in times of doubt. Rivers, thank you for your talents on such an exciting song.

To MY favorite Pop Princesses Katy Perry and Lady Gaga for lending your imagination, support and talents to my situation and for inspiring me to put on a fierce show. You are both the VERY best and I worship you. To Greg Wells: You are a musical prodigy. You make me my best. You ARE art. Thank you for allowing me the freedom and granting me the confidence to create from my purest imagination. Rob Cavallo: Thank you for your positive energy and rock credibility. I’m proud to call you my friend and advisor. Linda Perry: Thank you for keeping it real. Thanks for reminding me to make ART.

Ryan Tedder: You eat, sleep and breathe it, man. Such a pleasure to work with you! To P!NK: Thank you for your artistry and blessing with what is no double a hit. Max Martin, Shellback and Kristian: You are all the JAM. Dr. Luke: the Sonic Surgeon! You make my ears smile. Thanks for your enthusiasm. Claude Kelly: Thank you for such amazing lyrics and positive, encouraging energy while recording vocals. You are a star. Evan “the kid”: My Aquarius broth! Thanks for going left with me. Bennny Llama. Sam and Jesse: a true collaboration! I dig you two big time. Thank you for such awesome energy.

Jeff B: You got that new Sh**! Thanks for lending your talents to my project. Justin Hawkins: I believe in a thing called YOU. :) Thank you for making it rock. To Richard Manners and MUSE: Thank you for the blessing of such a beautiful song. I’m honored. To the undisputed Mix Kings: Serban, Chris and Spike…thank you for bringing it all to the finish line. Thank you to David Gamson, Alain Johannes, Natasha Shneider, Sam Sparro, Jesse Rogg, Howard Benson, RedOne .and everyone else who contributed their art to this album. Most of all, thanks goes to the Universe for sending me this path I now get to strut down.

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